Alistair Caldicott

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Front book cover of Is This Burma?

Is This Burma?

Prepare to be surprised by a very exceptional country. This is Burma, a land on the outer periphery of our far away consciousness, and ...more

Front book cover of Long Road To Panama

Long Road To Panama

From the beaches of Mexico to the skyscrapers of Panama, this book takes you on an intimate and absorbing journey. One day you're sitting on a ...more

Front book cover of Travels in The New Europe: A Changing Continent

Travels in The New Europe:

A Changing Continent

A continuous journey of some 7,500 miles from well above the Arctic Circle in the northern most reaches of Scandinavia all the way down to ...more

Front book cover of Batting for Pakistan

Batting for Pakistan

Read all of this book in its entirety below... From down the Khyber Pass out of Afghanistan all the way to the border with India , this ...more

Front book cover of Iranian Revelations: Shaking Minarets

Iranian Revelations:

Shaking Minarets

Intolerance. Repression. Hatred. Fanaticism. Extremism. A country that frightens the world.  Easy assumptions to make about Iran , a country ...more

Front book cover of Opening Up the Middle East

Opening Up the Middle East

An overland journey from Istanbul to Cairo …and an eye-opening alternative take on a topical region. This book looks at the Middle East from ...more

Front book cover of Through Afghanistan

Through Afghanistan

Almost exactly four years to the day after running the marathon in New York , Alistair arrived in Kabul , following one of the most challenging ...more

Front book cover of Into India, Out of Africa

Into India, Out of Africa

Be transported from the relentlessly chaotic, but alluring assault on the senses that is India to the cool Himalayan magnificence of a ...more