Alistair Caldicott
Pages 200
Year 2008
Physical size: 6" x 9"
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Long Road To Panama

From the beaches of Mexico to the skyscrapers of Panama, this book takes you on an intimate and absorbing journey. One day you're sitting on a bus with clowns and the next you're discovering Jesus in the middle of a hot night. An entertaining and enlightening journey through Central America, a small squiggle of the world which is off the radar of significance for most of us. However there are remarkable lands here which cram in so much: Steamy jungles, angry volcanoes, vibrant markets, ancient ruins of epic and mysterious empires, colonial relics, but most importantly of all, an array of interesting people. On the road or on the water in Central America, there's always something eye-catching around the corner. It really is so much more than you ever thought it was. So why not take a closer look?