Alistair Caldicott
Pages 246
Year 2010
Physical size: 6" wide × 9" tall
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Is This Burma?

Prepare to be surprised by a very exceptional country.

This is Burma, a land on the outer periphery of our far away consciousness, and it is not quite what you might think it is. For better and worse it never has been.

Here is a country with a very large ‘DO NOT DISTURB!’ sign creaking and dangling from its front door.

You would have every right to expect Burma, troubled and repressed as we know of it, to be a grim, sombre and miserably wretched place.

Somehow, astoundingly and defiantly, it is not. What it definitely is though, is a quite extraordinary country, rarely anything less than exceptional. If you can let go of your preconceptions, Burma has so much inside it to be discovered and revealed.

Let this remarakable journey inside Burma glide you down great rivers, haul you up remote mountains, tip-toe inside secretive monasteries and also shed light on remarkable lives. Let it introduce you to remarkable characters and let it take you where foreigners are forbidden to go: by motorbike right up to the Chinese border.
Is this Burma? Why not read on to discover for yourself?


Should I Go?

  1. Yangon - The End of Strife
  2. Yangon - All That Glistens Is Not Gold
  3. The Golden Rock Rollercoaster
  4. Lights Out in Mawlamyine
  5. Hpa-An - Monks and Monkeys up a Mountain
  6. Bago - Mr. Bald, Mr. Funny and the Goat’s Fighting Balls
  7. Kalaw - Win Win the Lottery
  8. Mandalay - The Moustache Brothers: No Joke!
  9. Snakes and Horses: The Deserted Cities of Mandalay
  10. Pyin U Lwin - The Footsteps of Empire
  11. The Chapatti Interviews
  12. The Heavy Hand of History in Burma
  13. The Slow Train to Hsipaw
  14. Mr. Book: Crying For An Education
  15. The Forgotten Palace Meets the Forging Empire
  16. Motorbike Misadventures One: Switzerland and Back
  17. Motorbike Misadventures Two: China and Back
  18. The Wrong and Winding Road
  19. I’m a Tourist. Get Me Out Of Here!
  20. Whispers in the Shadows of Mandalay
  21. River of Destiny to Bagan
  22. Bagan: Dusty Desert of Forgotten Gold
  23. Questions From A Monk
  24. On the Way to Pyay
  25. Bay of Bengal - End of the Bumpy Road
  26. The Japanese Original with Fried Fish
  27. A Land to Savour and Set Free

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