Alistair Caldicott
Pages 223
Year 2007
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Travels in The New Europe: A Changing Continent

A continuous journey of some 7,500 miles from well above the Arctic Circle in the northern most reaches of Scandinavia all the way down to the bottom stub of the Ukrainian Crimea on the Black Sea. From the bewildering metropolis of Moscow across the continental landmass to the mysterious Albania and the war-scarred Balkans. From the beauty of St. Petersburg to the ugliness of rioting in Budapest. From the sobering greyness of Nazi death camps in Poland to the rewarding challenges of Ukraine and even a night out at the opera.

Europe has so much to offer, so many views to admire, so many cities to marvel at, so many people to engage, so many stories to tell. To our eyes and ears, Europe has been enlarging, or getting bigger, in recent years. More and more of this fascinating and changing continent is opening up before us.
Why not take yourself on a brisk meander through The New Europe?


    Travels in the New Europe: A Changing Continent
  1. Denmark - Carlsberg and Cycling
  2. Sweden - From Volvos to Prostitutes
  3. Norway - From Vikings to Yuppies
  4. Norway - Somewhere Up North
  5. Lapland - The Reindeer Parliament
  6. Swedes We Are Not. Therefore Let's Be Finns!
  7. Estonia - Moving On
  8. St. Petersburg - Russia's Window
  9. Moscow - The City of Billionaires and Beggars
  10. Latvia and the Lithuania Sahara
  11. Poland - Catholics and Capitalism
  12. Auschwitz - The Factory of Death
  13. Free Climbing In The Tatras
  14. Slovakia - All Roads Lead To Tesco
  15. The Vienna Waltz
  16. Rioting in Budapest
  17. Hungarian Bulls Blood
  18. Chop and Change in Ukraine
  19. Enlightened in Lviv
  20. Getting Married & Ripped Off In Freezing Kiev
  21. Drowning In The Crimea
  22. Odessa - Gateway to the Black Sea
  23. To Romania!
  24. Hospitality In Bulgaria
  25. Macedonia - Wonderful Lake Ohrid
  26. Albania - Don't Knock It Until You've Tried It!
  27. Moody Montenegro
  28. Dubrovnik
  29. The Tapestry of Bosnia

In an era of cheap flights, there remains something reassuringly authentic about sampling a continent by travelling overland.

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