Alistair Caldicott
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Through Afghanistan

Almost exactly four years to the day after running the marathon in New York, Alistair arrived in Kabul, following one of the most challenging and arduous journeys any traveller could undertake, across central Afghanistan
This book penetrates a relatively unknown country, starting from the Iranian border and finishing down the Khyber Pass into Pakistan. It casts light on a part of the world about which we have heard a lot, but, in reality, know little because it remains off limits for many. It reveals a land of distinct beauty, scenery as beautiful as it is remote, and unparalleled ruin. In spite of a catalogue of physical challenges and inconveniences, the journey traverses a stretch of the earth's surface encompassing hostile deserts and up to the fringes of the Himalayas. A bold, thrilling and compelling journey.

For all the forgotten people of Afghanistan. There are many.


  1. Inside
  2. Flying High in Herat
  3. Heading into the Unknown
  4. Jam Today and Snow Tomorrow
  5. Conversations in Chakhcheran
  6. Wild Places
  7. Splashes of Colour
  8. Encounters in Lal: Don't Shoot!
  9. Crash Course on the Road to Nowhere
  10. Survival and Forgotten People
  11. Escape from Yakawlang
  12. Empty Buddhas and High Lakes
  13. Bumpy Road to Kabul
  14. Welcome to Kabul - Thank You for Coming
  15. The Other Side to Kabul
  16. Reflections - The Road Ahead
  17. Welcome to Pakistan: Carry on Down the Khyber

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