Alistair Caldicott
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Iranian Revelations: Shaking Minarets

Intolerance. Repression. Hatred. Fanaticism. Extremism. A country that frightens the world. 
Easy assumptions to make about Iran, a country about which we hear a lot, but in reality, know little. 
From the outside, Iran is a secretive place. 
I would like to reveal some of Iran's secrets to you in this eventful journey through Iran, exposing the life and people inside a complex and misunderstood country. 

From the bustling bazaars of downtown Tehran to the majestic mosques of Esfahan. Illicit wine tasting and encounters with the opposite sex in Shiraz, to the winding old city of Yazd and an unexpected stint of school teaching.

From exploration of the world's hottest desert to encounters with the fanatically religious, before the climax of a border crossing into Afghanistan. Amongst many other things, the author meets religious mullahs, helps to unearth a mass murderer, survives an attack by wild dogs and eats camel kebabs in the desert. 
Iran is a country which is regularly in the news, almost always for the wrong reasons. Maybe it is not quite the country we imagine it to be. Why not sample a few brief highlights of my journey through Iran below….

"…an entertaining and insightful book, refreshingly written."
"…a sharp eye and ear for the unusual, and some cutting insights…"
"Maybe the next time you hear about Iran on the news, you might think of it differently."


Iranian Revelations to be shared...

  1. Chapter 1 - Tehran - The Beginning of the Road
  2. Making Rasht Mistakes
  3. Return to Tehran
  4. Esfahan - Half the World
  5. A Family Day Out
  6. Chapter 6 - Shaking Minarets
  7. The Cat Killer of Esfahan: A Light Brush with Death
  8. A Taste For Shiraz
  9. Perspiring on the Road to Persepolis
  10. Meeting the Mullahs: Friendly Dinosaurs?
  11. Can I have a Room with a Mosque Please? (And the Death of Ali)
  12. Yazd: Pearl of the Desert
  13. Chapter 13 - Back to School with Ali
  14. Sandcastles in the Desert
  15. The Doctor and the Desert City
  16. Bus Encounters
  17. The Place of Martyrdom
  18. Chapter 18 - Destination Afghanistan

This book is dedicated to all those people inside Iran who strive for a better life. May their efforts be rewarded one day.

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